Newcastle Airport Departures

Newcastle Airport Departures

You can get the latest Newcastle Airport Departures information from the Newcastle Airport Website. You can also get this information from Flights Stats, which also includes passenger reviews for flights from Newcastle Airport and an average on-time rating for departures.

Newcastle Airport Departures

If you are departing from Newcastle Airport in the near future, there’s a few things to consider before you get to the airport. If you’re a frequent flyer, you should be fine, but we’d recommend you read the security and baggage information before packing your bags and going to the airport, to make sure your journey through airport security is a quick and hassle-free as possible.

Want to know about how to get to the airport? Check out our travel to Newcastle Airport guide. If you like to travel in luxury or fancy a little treat before departure, Newcastle Airport have their own executive lounge. There are  plenty of shops, places to eat and drink, on both sides of security.

If you’re addicted to social networks or just watch to browse the web, you can get free WiFi access at participating outlets including Starbucks, Condecco Bar, Eagle Bar Diner, Wine and Deli, and Caffe Ritazza. You will be required to make a purchase and this will give you 30 minutes of internet access.

Going through security

  • Have your boarding pass ready for inspection.
  • If you’re carrying any liquid items in a clear resealable plastic bag, take them out of your hand baggage ready for inspection.
  • Take off your coat and belt when you reach the front of the queue so you’re ready for the X-ray machines.
  • Large electrical items, such as laptops, may need to go through X-ray machines separately, so get them ready by taking them out of your hand luggage.

Things to check:

  • Hand Baggage: Make sure your hand luggage meets the size requirements of your airline provider. Newcastle Airport states that hand baggage should be no more than 56cm tall, 45cm wide, and 25cm deep; however, individual airlines have different baggage policies, so it’s important to check with your airline provider’s baggage policy before departure. If you get caught out, you may be forced to pay for your luggage to go in the hold, which can be expensive.
  • Liquids: If you have flown through a UK airport recently, you will know how restrictive they are on liquids in your hand luggage. The most important information for this is that a container of liquid can be no more than 100ml. If it is more than 100ml, place it in the hold, or it will be confiscated. You must also place liquid containers in a transparent, resealable bag, which can be no larger than 20cm x 20cm. You can purchase bags in Newcastle Airport (two for £1).
  • Baby Products: Airport security only permit essential baby products, such as baby wipes and powdered baby food. Liquids such as baby milk and sterilised water are fine, but they must be tasted in-front of security officials. Additional, non-essential items, such as baby juice, will be confiscated, unless it is a specific dietary requirement.
  • Medicines: For liquid medicines, passengers are permitted to carry larger quantities, above the 100ml limit, but only if they gain prior agreement from their airline. If given permission, passengers must carry supporting documentation, such as a prescription and/or letter from a relevant qualified medical professional. Otherwise, the standard 100ml rule for liquids applies.
  • Electrical Items: You may be asked to remove portable DVD players and laptops from your luggage to be screen separately, so be aware before you pack your bag(s).
  • Sharp Items: Almost all sharp items are forbidden from hand baggage, including: toy or replica guns, razor blades, scissors, knives, tools, cutlery, and darts. Either check with the airport and airline before packing your bags, or simply put them in your hold luggage.

We gained this information from the Newcastle Airport Website, so please check their website for the latest information in relation to departures.