Millennium Bridge

Millennium Bridge

The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is a marvel of architecture and engineering: it is the world’s first ‘Blinking Eye’ bridge, that rotates to allow boats to pass underneath. The bridge connects Newcastle Quayside to Gateshead Quayside and can be access by foot or bicycle.


The Gateshead Millennium Bridge was designed by architects Wilkinson Eyre to continue Gateshead and Newcastle’s regeneration of The Quayside. It would have been nice to have the bridge open for the Millennium celebrations, but delays meant didn’t make its way up the Tyne until November 2000.

Newcastle Millennium Bridge

However, it wasn’t till September 2001 that the bridge, nicknamed ‘The Blinking Eye’ for its opening and closing mechanism, finally opened to the general public.

Many tourists consider the bridge as a marvel of architecture and engineering – with the bridge receiving international recognition and awards from the Royal Institute of Architects and International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, among others. The Millennium Bridge has even featured on a stamp.

Local people and tourists use the bridge everyday to go work, visit attractions such as the Sage Gateshead and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, and enjoy the many restaurants, hotels and bars on the Newcastle Quayside. Whether you’re looking for a good view of the Tyne, visiting an attraction or going to work, the Millennium is as practical as it is beautiful.

Visiting Times

The Millennium Bridge is accessible to the public at all times of the day and night. The bridge is a free public access route, so it doesn’t cost a penny to walk or cycle across.

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

The best time of the day to admire the beauty of the Millennium Bridge, is in the evening, when the bridge is fully lit and visible in the darkness. The bridge may be busy during the day, but will still only take a couple of minutes to cross.

If you want to visit when the Millennium Bridge is tilting (or blinking), check out the Gateshead Council Website..


Millennium Bridge, Oakwellgate, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 2AU, UK