Centre for Life

Centre for Life

The Centre for Life is a science centre located in the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne and is one of the city’s top tourist attractions with over 225,000 visitors every year. The Centre is run by an educational charity which aims to promote greater interest and engagement in science, as well as supporting scientific research.

The Centre for Life was officially opened by The Queen in 2000 and offers an annual programme of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and family events.

The Science Centre’s permanent exhibition focuses on different aspects of human life; its origins, adaptation to extreme environments, as well as some of the challenges humanity may face in the future.

Every summer a major temporary exhibition is hosted, usually a touring exhibition such as “Myths and Monsters” from the Natural History Museum, or “Grossology”. The Doctor Who exhibition which visited in 2010 is another example. During the winter months, smaller scale exhibitions are hosted, either on loan from other museums or created in-house.


A day out at the Centre for Life will be enjoyable and fun for all the family, but it can be expensive. You should expect to pay between £7 – £10 per person. Despite the price, the Centre for Life does provide hours of entertainment, so you could compare it to going to the cinema.

Check out the Life Website for the latest ticket prices and opening times.


Times Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, NE1 4EP.